Khevdol Batar


Khevdol Batar(Khev) was born and raised in the Steppe, by the Dotharl tribe. His father wished for a boy and when Khev was born he was pleased. He has so many plans for the young aura. When Khev was old enough to play by running and hitting with sticks, his father gave him a small axe to practice with. There was no play, just training. His dad pushed him to train to become a warrior for his clan when he was old enough. There were times Khev would watch the children run around and play, but he was always just so busy with his training.

As the years went on by Khev was actually the youngest warrior in the clan, but they accepted him due to his maturity for his age. Well there was words about stalkers in the area hiding, and some aura have seem to went missing from their clan. So they sent out a few warriors, Khev being one of them. They go to travel into the mountains. So far they didn't see anything or anyone. Night fell and Khev was suppose to stay up and keep watch. He sat down against a rock, and was soon nodding off. He accidentally fell asleep, but soon felt a hand over his mouth. He went to reach for his weapon but feels a dagger against his neck. Khev slowly raised his hands up, and did as they said. There were about 10 men around him. They told him to stand up and walk, and so he did.

He arrives to a campsite with horses. These men never shown themselves, hidden in dark robes. They stripped him down from his armor and tired his hands behind his back. Of course they had to fight him to submit, but he was young so that many men against him was not going very well. They tied to the rope tight, which made him hiss in pain. They placed a rope around his neck, and is now going to be led like a dog as they rode of horses. They begin to travel away from the Steppe, and as they got to a high peek, Khev turns to look back at his home town with a sad look. They pulled him along with force and he continued to follow them.

They arrive in a cave like area, Khev, cold, and confused to everything being led in the middle of the cave. There's a little stone table with candles, and lettering on the ground. Khev gasped and looks around. He knows what this is. "You're sacrificing people!" The men look to Khev, and push him against the table, and quickly tying him down to it by ropes. He struggles the best his can, trying to escape. "Please don't do this! What ever you're trying to summon is going to kill you if summoned!" They don't listen to him, and one comes with a cup of blood to pour in Khev's mouth, but he keeps his mouth closed. So another man comes over and pries his mouth open. Khev gags as they are pouring the red liquid. He coughs and tries to throw it up, but no success. One man comes up with a knife. He kneels down holding the knife chanting something as if he was praying.

He stands back up, and he stabs Khev in the side. Khev lets out a loud yell. The man twists the knife a few times wanting to hear the screams coming from Khev. He quickly pulls out the knife, and watches the blood pour to the ground. Khev now panting and groaning as he feels his life slipping away from the blood loss. A few tears running down his cheek. Soon a creature appears above him, that looks tied in chains, and it's head covered with a rag. He couldn't make it out, but a set of arms break from the chains and goes to caress his cheeks. "May your suffering come to an end!" A soon a blast appeared in the room making the men around go flying around and crushing their skulls against the wall. The rope around Khev breaking, but before he got up, the figure touched his forehead, and then disappeared.

Khev find something to quickly wrap his wound in. He staggers out of the cave yelling for help. Soon a few of the his clan soldiers find him. He falls over in their trust and they carry him home. As he gets home he is laid to rest to feel better. A healer came to see him and they warned his parents there is something dark about the young man, and that he will need to heal on his own. Khev eventually did , and he made sure to keep training. He felt like a failure and wanted to prove his worth. Time goes by and he gets a little older and actually very tall. He now stands at 8 feet tall.

Khev did decide to adventure out every now and then to learn new skills and better himself. So you can find him just about anywhere, but if he's not adventuring then he is back at his home with his family.

Name: Khevdol Batar
Clan: Qerel
Age: 28 years
Occupation: Warrior for hire
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Material Status: Single&Looking
Attitude: He is rather hard to get to know at first. He has a hard time trusting others. Once you get to him, he is a huge teddy bear.
Likes: His home, Salty foods, fighting.
Dislikes: Playing around, resting too much.
Alignment: Neutral

-Khevdol has long black hair
-Long black nails
-His eyes are orange.
-He stands at 8' tall.
-Most likely in his black armor
-Chains appear around his body when angry, giving off a faint disturbing energy.

His puppy Ralph.

Vroshan, the one who healed him.
(He is max height. Khev is just big)

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